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Flowers for a winter wedding: what to choose?

Many brides before winter wedding torment by one and the same question – what winter flowers for weddings to choose for your holiday. The main difficulties lie in the fact that in the icy time white winter flowers look impossible, and those that are available, there are very, very expensive. So how do you find the perfect flowers for winter wedding?

red winter flowers

Wedding date, too, can affect the value of colors.

Let’s say, for Christmas accepted bouquets of Poinsettia Plant. Accordingly, the prices for this beautiful flower will rise.
The same can be said about the roses, if you assign a wedding on Valentine’s Day. If you are determined to be used in the design of these wedding flowers of love, be ready to pay for them a tidy sum.

winter flowers for wedding

Alternative to expensive flowers

If you are a lover decided to make a modest home wedding, you can choose the flowers for winter that bloom in winter it is, and therefore will cost much less than their summer counterparts. So what are the cheaper options you can buy?

Winter flowers – amaryllis and anemone

Probably one of the most winter colors is the amaryllis. These elegant plants are perfect for a wedding on Valentine’s Day because they are both
red winter flowers and white sand may be, too.
Just will look perfect such winter flowers for wedding, as luxurious and anemones, which you can easily buy in December and January. They can be red, blue, pink and white – choose to your taste.
Why not decorate the snow-white winter wedding with bright yellow daffodils? The more, that they are very easy to find in flower shops from January to June. Another great option if the wedding date is scheduled for the winter – a sky-blue ‘forget-me”

Jasmine – the perfect choice for a winter wedding

A lot of people still do not know that jasmines –are typical winter flowers wedding. It would be the perfect choice for your wedding and create a truly romantic atmosphere.
By the way, red roses and jasmine perfectly suited for a wedding on Valentine’s Day.

Winter Wedding: choose tulips!

Why do not opt for tulips? After all, they delight us with their beauty, and from December to late April. In addition, the shades of this gorgeous flower amaze – this pink and white, and red, and blue, and even purple. If the wedding date is scheduled for those months – be of good cheer!

Winter flower arrangements for bride

All coniferous composition traditionally considered winter bouquets, which are perfect decorative items such as pine cones, candles, ribbons, and so on.. In winter bouquets look good flowering sprig of jasmine, as well as the Alpine edelweiss blossoms that will be appropriate in a snowy winter.
Choose winter flowers for the bride stands as vividly as possible. Dazzling bouquet will be the winter flower arrangements of white roses with pine branches. He will emphasize the purity and beauty of the bride. Bouquet can be decorated with ribbons of silver and gold, which are very suitable for winter.

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