Winter wedding decorations ideas on a budget

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Wedding season does not end with the year round, but still demand for winter wedding is much lower than the others.

In the old days, the traditional time for weddings was winter – considered all the days from Christmas (January 7) and ended with the carnival. Maybe that’s why winter wedding particularly charming and fabulous around stunning winter landscape, endless snow, fluffy hats trees fervent frost … Romantic.

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Drawing attention to these points, it is possible to compare the positive and negative features of a winter wedding. If you believe that properly decided on the time of year, try to use a magic opportunity and winter wedding decorating ideas to make your winter wonderland a unique one.

Style of the wedding

Preparations for the wedding begins with a script, a winter wedding can be done in different ways, but the most popular and easy to implement two scenarios: in the style of the ice kingdom, and to continue to emphasize the cold tone of winter, or, conversely, to create a cosy warm atmosphere on the contrast of the winter landscape.

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Two of these areas require a completely different interior decor, different wedding accessories, make-up, menus, etc. Therefore it is very important to determine in advance what will dominate the celebration and try to withstand all the details in the same style.


Winter provides many interesting variants and ways to design your wedding. Most of the scenery for such an event is cheap, and many winter wedding decorations can be made by your own hands.

Of course, an important role in the decorating process for winter holiday play garlands. Now, it is easy to find a garland for every taste and colour. Decorate them as a banquet hall, and the facade of the hall, where the celebration. Even the bare trees, decorated with garlands, will be a perfect wedding decor.

Recommend to decorate a banquet hall with decorative white branches. This will help build a harmonious composition between the harsh Russian winter outside and your bright holiday.

Snowflakes, snowflakes and snowflakes again! As corny as it may sound, beautifully made decorative snowflakes decorate your wedding could not be better. In addition to the usual a few snowflakes can also be made of the photos of the newlyweds, their parents and friends. Let this element of winter decoration ideas will tell your love story. Very bold and original wedding idea is to use as a transport for the wedding – sleigh. Decor of the cortege for a winter wedding can be a very distinctive if you select a toboggan carts, or cars with winter paraphernalia, most importantly sustain the overall style of celebration throughout.

If it is possible – make as wedding decorations ice sculpture, preferably topical performance. An unforgettable experience your guests are guaranteed!


Your wedding dresses should match the time of year. The bride is quite the place to be fur details wedding image – not necessarily dress enough and fur capes. White boutonniere is an integral part of the wedding the groom’s suit in the winter.

Also, for the bride’s bouquet and other elements of the wedding decor are perfect snow-white flowers, mostly roses. The idea came to us from the West, the use of fluffy cotton in wedding bouquets.

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