Wedding theme ideas for summer

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The more interesting style of wedding you choose, the more unforgettable it will be. Below you can see many wedding themes for summer, winter, spring and autumn.

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Themes for wedding

Themed weddings are those weddings that are arranged in a single style, in whole or in part follows the story of famous movies (wedding “Prisoner of the Caucasus”, “007”, “Formula of Love”, “Sin City”, “The White Sun of the Desert” est.), award ceremonies and TV shows (in the style of the wedding, “Oscar”, “People’s Artist”, “Hour of the court”),brings us back to the world’s travel and wedding traditions (wedding “Around the World” wedding “Carnival of Venice”), or playfully stylized features of professional work newlyweds (thematic “School wedding”, “Medical wedding”, “wedding biker”), reducing a particular era (“Hussar Wedding” wedding “Back in the USSR”, “Imperial Wedding”), etc.

A few more themes

Any wedding organized in the spirit of some custom themes, is not able to go unnoticed. A striking example of this statement can serve as a wedding in oriental style. Orange wedding – a great theme for the organization of an unforgettable celebration, imbued with the scent of ripe citrus shrill and filled with bright orange. Wedding in vintage style is unusual thematic area so popular now among young couples. Traditional Irish wedding – unusually spectacular and spectacular event held in accordance with ancient Celtic rites and rituals. These are good wedding ideas for summer and for any other season of the year.

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To make it the best way

The first step in the preparation of thematic wedding should be one hundred percent hit in the subject, analysis contingent of guests – how much they will be available this topic to understand, and whether they are willing to engage in a common action?

The second important step in the preparation of thematic wedding starts with the choice of venue. The most common mistake of newlyweds is to book room at first, and then think about the wedding theme ideas for summer or winter celebration. Remember, this is fraught with not only followed oversaturated hall decoration, but also a complete re-design, because, for example, a wedding in the Imperial style be difficult to conduct in the institution-style “high-tech” or at a restaurant with wooden interiors. With proper choice of the restaurant, which coincides with the theme of your wedding, you will immediately save up to 100% on the decoration of the hall!

The third important step in organizing and preparing a themed wedding is a choice, approval and booking lead, followed by writing a wedding scenario and the possible involvement of creative teams. Scenario themed wedding builds logically everything in common action, and does not rule out at this classic wedding ceremonies and traditions. They can be modified, but easily recognizable. All competitive programs leading fully correspond to the selected category, continuing to reveal its new and new colours. Leading to a good wedding themed wedding is one of the most difficult options, because the vast majority of the leading Moscow did not have to deal with a themed wedding, and not every presenter toastmaster able to make a fully themed sustained competitive program a decent level.

Next you should decide with photographers and videographers to choose with them unusual wedding walk routes, which should reveal the theme of the holiday. It can be the roof of skyscrapers, underground secret bunkers, stores, construction sites, swimming pool with dolphins and much more.

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