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The best ideasfor decoratingyourwedding table

With a little imaginationandquite a bitof money -and yourwedding tablewill be a realmasterpiece ofart design. There are some wedding table setting ideas for inspiration.

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More color for your wedding table

If youmake up your mindto move awayfrom the traditionalwhite andpastelpalette, which is usually decorate wedding table settings, the color itselfcan be a greatdecoration.Do not be afraidto mixeven suchself-sufficientcolors like pink, purple and turquoise, adding to thema little bitof “gold”, if you want toemphasize thesolemnity of the event. The only advice-do not usemore than threeprimary colors, a riot of colorsyou candialtones.

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Down with the monotony!

If your wedding is served not one long table, but few small tables, is not necessarily that they were similar to each other, like the pieces of a cake. Each table can be an individual, even a theme: for older relatives, for fellow artists and friends – office workers, and so on.  Keeping with the theme you can choose the dishes and utensils wedding setting .

Take care of nature! Your wedding is not a reason to strike on ecology

Madewith his own handsdecor elements,firstly,givea unique event, and secondly, always nice tomakea good deed.Manufacturecandlesticksofbottles ofwineandflower vases-fromcansby wrappingthemwith decorative paperordraped withcloth orstrawandtyingribbons.

Flower eclectic: every spring and summer catwalks of the world explode riot of colors

Not surprisingly, that table setting for weddings idea of ​​an eclectic mix of colors picking florists. Quicken tables with flower arrangements, composed of plants of different shades of one color gamut – from the brightest white to almost white pastel. Add greens Want practical advice? Diluted flower bouquets lots of greenery. Firstly, it will emphasize the freshness and beauty of the flowers, and secondly – to help save on the cost of bouquets.

Chic, brilliance, beauty

Wedding setting ideas is not everything like rhinestones and sequins, meanwhile, never say “never”: tasteful tinsel and glitter can serve as a great decoration for the holiday table, c they can be a great highlight details or accents: for example, the use of sequins instead of flower petals, which are strewn road in front of the bride and groom, or decorate the place where the wishes of the bride and groom is a book.

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