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Who among us does not know these lines from a popular song of Muslim Magomaev: “Ah, the wedding, wedding, wedding sang and danced …”! Do you want to at your wedding all sang louder and danced even more fun?! Then we invite you to carefully read our article about the unusual ideas for the wedding, which we are sure you will be sure to come in handy!

wedding shower favor ideas

6 steps to great wedding

Thus, in front of you the top 10 most original and interesting ideas for wedding favours.

  1. It would be very nice if the bride and groom to prepare in advance wedding dance, which is literally on the spot once all the guests of the festival. Yes, of course it will take some effort, but the effect is stunning. Furthermore, this dance will be a pleasure to watch, and after 10, 20, 30 years after the wedding, and marvel at how you were young, cheerful and full of life. It is very decent idea.
  2. If you dislike the idea of ​​standard and annoying all the invitation to the wedding, then you can experiment. You can order the creation of invitations to chocolate, parchment, T-shirts and so on. This is a rather costly procedure, but it is fully justified.
  3. To avoid confusion, ask each of the guests brought a picture and neatly fastened it together with review in the wedding book. This will ensure that even after many years, you will not forget, who left you a review.
  4. Do not want your wedding was like a thousand others? In this case, you can arrange a themed wedding. Such wedding party favour ideas are very popular now.
  5. Make the registration of the marriage in other place. It is not only original but also very fashionable today. Believe me, such an unusual registration sure to be remembered by your guests.
  6. Spend a cheerful wedding auction. As lots of things you can use your favourite bride or groom. However, we can and use all sorts of trinkets. It is not only fun but also profitable!

A few more advices

  • Guests celebrations will be extremely grateful if you pre-create a small movie, which will be the history of development of relations newlyweds.
  • On the tables can be expanded memo showing the most interesting and unusual wedding traditions.
  • If there gonna be a lot of children, they would not be very interesting for adults. But you fix the situation by some wedding favour ideas. Theme party for kids – that’s what will save the situation!
  • Think of a few games that allow guests to get to know. It only unite them and will get rid of stiffness.

Bridal Shower Ideas

The oaths of loyalty

Good wedding favours ideas also are the oaths of loyalty. It is another beautiful wedding tradition that has given us from the West. Agree, sometimes coveted “yes” is not enough to express the feelings that overwhelm the newlyweds at the time when they become family. If you plan on visiting the registration, then you will be able to pronounce the oath right during the ceremony. By the way, this is the best time and place for such a tradition.

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