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Nowadays themed weddings are not uncommon. Indeed, your wedding day – it’s the whole story. A story should have a plot. The style and theme of the wedding day should reflect and accommodate the wishes of both newlyweds. Of course, to a large extent, themes of the holiday are determined by your wedding budget and the ability to devote sufficient time to preparation. We want to offer you a few wedding reception ideas for a themed wedding.

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Wedding in style of “Wild West”

Every theme for a wedding is unique. Choosing the style of the wedding day, you should realize that you have to pretty much move away from tradition, and perhaps not all of your guests will appreciate it. But once we decide, we must do it well.

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Wedding in style of “Wild West”

This theme and ideas for wedding receptions are more characteristic for the United States, gradually finds its fans and in our country.

  1. Hot July – the best time for this Wild West wedding.
  2. Place of registration – of course, an old barn, or wasteland. To make the place of registration of the “right” atmosphere using dried straw and cacti.
  3. As a wedding decor use anything that can somehow remind old tavern Texas: worn barrels labelled Coca-Cola, hinged door bar, cacti, ornamental gold bullion, cowboy lasso posters “Wanted” (where, incidentally, which is posted photos of young), etc.
  4. Theme weddings “Wild West” also provides a good opportunity to organize a very original bride price, which kidnapped Indians (if you have creative friends they can dress in dresses “Redskins”) and the fiancé – brave sheriff is ready to do everything to regain his beloved without bloodshed (but, certainly, with a gun).
  5. Check out the newlyweds to the reception area should be strictly on horseback, western saddle.

The appearance of the newlyweds is the main element of a wedding in the style of “Wild West”. The bride can find inspiration for her costume in the movie “Bandit’s” with Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz. A groom has a choice: the cowboy outfit or sheriff (depending on the story of your wedding).

  1. All the floral decoration of the wedding: bridal bouquet, bridesmaid’s bouquets, boutonnieres groom and his companions, the other floral decorations for reinforcements right atmosphere, it is worth to make the field of wild flowers. Incidentally, in July it can get much cheaper classic floral decorations.
  2. It should be well thought out menu and a ballroom wedding in the style of “Wild West”. What a cowboy wedding complete without a barbecue and tequila?
  3. Country music will help you create the atmosphere of the Wild West and harmoniously ad wedding reception decorations ideas.

“Heart” wedding

  1. Instead of the traditional flower arrangements, use heart-shaped wreaths.
  2. An interesting solution is the implementation of a wreath of vine-covered flowers.
  3. The main element in the design of a wedding theme can be two large entwined hearts, for example, from the colours, but there is another material. Very important – make the heart quality that they are not looking corny. For example, the hearts of balloons definitely make the look of your wedding decoration cheap and uninteresting. Better not do it at all than to do cheap.
  4. Try to plan your wedding accessories and wedding reception decoration ideas so those all will traced to the theme of “Heart.” For example, invitations, cards seating guests at the wedding table napkins – all these elements of decor can be performed either in the form of heart or with his image.
  5. Of course, it is necessary to find a figure of “Heart” on the wedding cake, and the cake itself can perform the appropriate form. And what countless songs dedicated to the heart, you know that. They deserve a place in your wedding song list.

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