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The planning of the wedding needs much time and attention. That’s why the process of planning a wedding timeline is very important. So below there is a basic wedding plan timeline, which will help you to prepare to the brightest day in the life – wedding.

Wedding Timeline Checklist

3 months before the wedding

√ Begin to take care of skin. Also try not to pass and get enough sleep regularly. You have to look charming at the wedding!

√ Buy wedding rings.

√ Please send wedding invitations. If this is already done, then survey all of offers if they will be able to be at the ceremony?

timeline for wedding planning

√ Think about the decoration of rooms and a festive table.

√ Prepare gifts for relatives of the bride.

√ Plan your bachelorette party and assign responsibility for its conduct.

1 month before the wedding

√ Try on wedding dress again, it should sit perfectly.

√ Walk again on the first list item. Maybe something is missing or you need to contact with someone once more.

√ Contact the guests who have not answered on the invitation.

√ Rehearse the wedding, to know that for what it is, where you’ll have to stand and what to do.

√ More rest. The main part is already planned. Remember that you need to look fresh and pretty. Now devote more time to yourself, go for a massage, to the pool, go for a walks on the fresh air, and relieve stress and do not to worry.

1 week before the celebration

√ Dye your hair and trimming. If the colour does not suit you, there will be time to fix it.

√ Collect suitcase for honeymoon travel and put in a prominent place.

√ Try on shoes. It is better to spread it. For this campaign in it at home a couple of days.

√ Collect the handbag. There should be: cosmetics, mirror, wet wipes, handkerchiefs, powder and other things that you may need. Let one of the bridesmaids keeps it for with her.

√ For a couple of days, you can already predict the weather. Prepare a warm cape and umbrellas just in case.

√ Go to a beauty salon. Do hair removal, pedicures, and touch up the eyebrow.

√ Call to all who is organizing the wedding. Make sure that everything is ready.

The day before the wedding

√ This is the time of your rest. Take care of what brings you peace and relaxation. Dedicate it to itself to the wedding look amazing.

√ Do not forget the manicure.

√ Lay bed early. Tomorrow’s your wedding!

On the morning of the wedding day

√ To sleep well and wake up in a good mood.

√ Pick up the bridal bouquet and boutonniere.

√ Pick up the cake and loaf of confectionery.

√ Before leaving home check availability: passports, payment receipts (not as funny sounds), wedding rings and the other details.

√ Do not forget the champagne and chocolates for a stroll.

And one more time. Wedding – this is not the end but only the beginning of your new life, a life with your beloved.

No matter if all goes according to the party planning timeline or not, your family will be born tomorrow. And that day you will remember for a lifetime!

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