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Wedding is the most important event in life of every girl. So you must be well prepared for it, to make this day (or days) the best. The plan below helps you to be ready for the wedding. Just have printable wedding planning checklist always “at hand” and be sure you won’t forget anything!

printable wedding planning guide

From what to start?

  1. Set the date for the wedding as soon as possible. The best variant is to do it a few months earlier. You will have more time and choice, and you can save money.
  2. Make a list of guests. Desirably, the number of guests, both sides equally.
  3. Arrange a date with the guests, so it does not coincide with their holiday.
  4. Determine how much money you are willing to spend on a celebration. Calculate all necessary expenses and add a third part of the amount for unforeseen expenses.
  5. Think about who will organize the wedding: relatives, friends, or agency?
  6. Define the witnesses, bridesmaids, groomsmen, matchmakers. It is desirable that these were the people with whom you are going to maintain a relationship for many years.
  7. Look in the mirror. Maybe you need to walk to the gym or go on a diet? Use the time to increase stamina and perfect look.
  8. Determine where you and your husband will recover after the wedding. If necessary, make a hotel booking. Make it by yourself or ask someone to do it.
  9. What about the honeymoon? If you are going abroad, take care about visa and vaccinations.


  1. Agree about the lease of the hall. If you cannon, you will have to choose from what will be left.
  2. It is not worth saving on the photo and video statement. If only there are no professional who is not averse to work on that day among your friends. Choose your style of photographs and filming: traditional, retro, report or video. The holiday is over, and the photos will last a lifetime.
  3. Music for the ceremony – is very important. Typically, the host is also working with musicians. They filled in the festive atmosphere. Think what can surprise guests: invite a magician, Roma or arrange exotic shows.
  4. Think about how the registration will be held: in the registry office or somewhere else. What kind of music will sound if you are going to dance together? Maybe you have to take dance lessons.
  5. Order the wedding procession or separate machines for honeymooners and bus for the guests.
  6. Determine who will be engaged in a table and the hunting products? Make an order in a coffee shop or find where to buy drinks and food cheaper.

The pleasant important nuances

  1. Ponder the wedding dress. Do not rush with this. Give yourself the right to premeasured all that is available in your town, and maybe beyond. It’s so cool! When you have such an opportunity?
  2. Buy shoes and other accessories: jewellery, coat, if the season is cool. Choose your jewellery.
  3. Contracts with a hairdresser. Ask in advance to give you a wedding hairstyle, look at her. You might want to change the idea or the master.
  4. Determined with a suit for the groom, as well as small “ladies” if they are at your ceremony.
  5. Prepare the wedding invitations.
  6. Select and order wedding cake.
  7. If the wedding turns out in a big way, it’s a good idea to insure. You will have less reason to worry.

Having such a free printable wedding planning checklist, you will be always in course what you have already done and what you still need to organize. You can even make some notes and put in your printable wedding planning guide marks with different colours. That will “say” about the realization of the task.

wedding planning list printable

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