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Bride and groom – two people who have their own “but” their understanding of the pale, their “skeletons in the closet” and traits, which they still do not know, because it has not yet reached the wedding photo shoot. And with the advent of the photographer much is changing dramatically. These can be used like fun ideas for weddings shoots!

So, the bride, that the passion for love to be the center of attention, accepted to pose languidly roll your eyes, flirting at the camera and do not pretend that the survey is a minimum for a modeling agency portfolio. Grooms are more reserved. They are sly cooperate with friends and standing aloof watching what happens. Only occasionally groom photographer beckons for portrait shots that will decorate and cover page wedding album. But all this is corny. Men are aside, women are in all its glory. Wedding photography should be creative, should and fifty years later to blow up in the memory of the brightest moments of the wedding day. So let’s move away from clichés and standards. Let us relax, to be liberated. We’re not at the meeting, and at the wedding. So give vent to emotions, more drive and positive!

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So, we offer you the most interesting and original fun wedding photo ideas.

The idea for wedding photos №1. Their bodies have changed.

It’s no secret that 90% of all wedding pictures captured bride. Here she is with her mother and sisters. Here, surrounded by girlfriends. Here awaits betrothed window. Here to powder nose, etc. Grooms! It’s time to put everything on its head. The idea of ​​this session is as follows: the groom and his companions overshadow “beauty” the bride and her bridesmaids.

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The idea for ​​wedding photos №2. Yes, the theater is crying for you!

If you have friends-friends who have access to the theater dressing room and walk-in closet, do not apply the opportunity to ask them to get the scene for a wedding photo shoot. It may be a false mustache and nose, bright wigs and huge glasses, unrealistic size boots and baggy pants (like clowns). And, believe, you will get a very fun wedding photo!

As the scenery, you can use the stage in the open air, the streets of the city, but in principle any site, from a children’s sandbox to the central square. Improvise, in the literal sense of the word play on the camera, transform into famous characters, fear not seem absurd or ridiculous. After all, in the theater, as in life, the main thing is to be sincere.

The idea for a wedding photo shoot №3. Sport.

Family life is like sport, the ups and downs, then a flurry of applause, then a lull. If you want to bring to the wedding photography sports notes, there is nothing easier. Boxing gloves, football, golf clubs, snowboards and roller skates, bicycles and skis, and so on.

Choose to match your preferences and sports equipment, despite the solemnity of the event, organize matches, competitions, tournaments, and invited guests at a time will become loyal fans and let them win the friendship!

And what is the result?

You will receive a wedding photo album, the pages of which captured the same day, which you walked hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder. In that day you became husband and wife, reluctantly vows of love and fidelity, and now that family life in all its diversity opens you have the opportunity to return to their wedding day again and again. Remove the album off the shelf, scroll the page and again worry those bright moments when it was just beginning.

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