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Once accepted the offer and decided to celebrate a wedding, is to determine the season and occasion.
This may favorably affect the value, and dramatically affect the success of the festival (you do not need the same bases, and have a date when they just make wedding planning list)

wedding planning check list

When a decision about the wedding:

It is worth thinking about the wedding date – well chosen date is the success of the holiday!
A few words about the choice of date:
• To reduce costs significantly, when a date is selected, please note all the holidays, especially Christmas corporate parties that are starting from 20th of December.
We strongly recommend to take 2nd last Saturday of December.
•It is desirable tofind achurch calendarandmark all theposts.

Wedding planning check list need take into account, that Saturday before Lent and after a post equal to the holidays, and the demand for these days is particularly high, prices are rising and the likelihood of the bases. Special demand is spring red slide.
In general, spring weddings played less.
This is due to the fact that in the spring months accounted Orthodox fasting and the month of May. Prices for wedding services at this time are lowered by ten percent.

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Wedding boom begins after fasting

Peak wedding begins in the summer season, literally from the first Saturday in June, as they fall all those who waited out in May and continues through October.
November, January, February, March and the May prices are the lowest.

3 – 4 months before the wedding should be:

  • Create a preliminary guest list and determine their approximate number of
  • Make a party planning list of the necessary wedding Affairs
  • Create a detailed wedding plan list of wedding detail
  • Prepare a preliminary estimate of wedding expenses
  • Read and reflect how you imagine a scenario of the future of the holiday.
  • Gradually gain a phone list of wedding professionals and a list of addresses of places where you need to make purchases or enter into contracts.
  • Gradually pick up a certain amount of room for guests, which will host the wedding banquet.

Properly selected room is a significant savings

And also good humor satiated guests, as well as space for entertainment and dancing, good angles to shoot a wedding film, and high-quality photos of the holiday (for when your backs are no windows, for example)

Timesearch andpreliminaryvisitbridal salonsand shops, for preliminary analysisof upcomingexpenses: for example,to lookfor the bridedressand suitfor the groom.

If there is nothing in the salons of the right – it’s time to look for a good company or a tailor. It is necessary to choose the best tour agency – to choose a route for the honeymoon.

Put them the task of finding a tour according to your wishes.
And maybe turn it into an event planning list sum of wedding expenses, and start thinking about the correct distribution, and cost savings.
Prices for tours vary only in the spring and autumn and contracts entered into for the season with tour operators.
Autumn, for example, takes place in September, after which you can safely buy a tour operator even in January – March, at a discount, you need to pay up to 20% of the cost, and finally you can pay it directly before the flight.

Wedding party planning list – video

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