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So here comes a defining moment in the wedding preparations, and you think that you have everything in order. But “seems” is far from “sure.” So look at this wedding planner checklist with SOS-tips and reminders to make sure that really EVERYTHING is ready!

free wedding planner checklist

Part one

  1. Confirm arrangements with all who you have hired (drivers, the host, DJ, photographer, videographer) and make sure that they all have the exact data, addresses, and phone numbers.
  1. Prepare the final payment. Thus, you will not have to think about paying the wedding day.
  1. Take the receipt that you paid the photographer, driver, etc.
  1. Arrange the money in envelopes and write the names of the recipients if you want to pay or leave a tip after the wedding.
  1. Put the extra money just in case.
  1. Decide on things. If you are going to spend the night in a hotel after the celebration, bring your bags the night before the holiday.
  1. Pre-pack things on the honeymoon. Make sure that your passport and documents are in order.
  1. Carefully prepare to exit a wedding in another country.
  1. Do not leave anything to the last minute. Especially it comes to detail, such as a knife for cutting the wedding cake or small gifts for the guests.
  2. Agree with the bartender the cocktail recipes.

Part two

  1. Make a playlist. And check twice with the DJ or musicians their performance.
  1. Discuss the details with your photographer. Do not leave anything to chance. Give him or her a list of people with whom you’d like to be photographed.
  1. Create a schedule for a photo. Try to create a schedule, who & when will photograph.
  1. Make a “route” of the day. Write a detailed schedule and route for guests, friends, etc.
  1. Final Check. Carefully check the cards for the guests, the rooms are on the tables, menus, and programs in order to avoid any discrepancies, especially if something is changing right before the wedding.
  1. Let the guests feel at home. Try to make small gifts and a message to all who guests.
  1. Be careful with cards. Place cards for seating guests in alphabetical order, make copies of them.
  1. Prepare water for flowers.
  1. Delivery Dresses. If you and your bridesmaids are going to dress right before the ceremony, make sure that all of your dresses, shoes and other items are placed in the machine. Or arrange to have someone to help you bring all this wealth. If everything is well planned, it will be easier to avoid stress.
  2. Take your limo driver number. Do not forget to bring your cell phone number in case you change the time of withdrawal or leave something in the car.

Part three

  1. Arrange transportation of guests to the house after the celebration.
  1. Prepare for any weather. Especially if you are planning a ceremony in the open air, make sure that all the conditions in order to shelter from the rain or the terrible heat.
  1. Assign a girlfriend / boyfriend – “Master” for the gifts.
  1. Use the services of a wedding manager. Now there is a great service – wedding manager – the person who can adequately organize your holiday, bases on wedding planner’s checklist.
  1. Let someone keeps track of your documents. Designate someone who will take your marriage certificate, that it wouldn’t be lost.
  1. Do not go hungry! Try to eat something, or at least a hearty breakfast.
  1. Make sure that guests know when the holiday is over. Check and specify at least a rough time when it is planned that your celebration will come to an end. This will help you avoid unnecessary costs.
  1. “Emergency assistance Wedding”. Be sure to collect all necessary emergencies. This includes hair pins, hair spray, powder, lip gloss and lipstick, ribbons, which may be needed urgently, something to tie, thread, gel pads from corns, a pair of tights, umbrella and scarf, stain remover, backup playlist.

Of course, it is not possible to take into account everything, but if to plan the majority of cases in advance and make a party planner checklist, it will help you avoid the hassle in your most-important day!

free printable wedding planner checklist

Wedding party planner checklist – video

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