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Today, there are many different companies and professionals on the wedding market offering their services for organizing and conducting weddings. Wedding agencies, organizers, managers, consultants, coordinators – there are a lot of wedding planner jobs, and faced with them for the first time the bride is often difficult to understand, whose help she needs.

Let’s see who they are, what is the difference from each other, how much are their services, and most importantly – whom of wedding planner job is needed by you.

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Wedding organizer

Wedding organizer – it is an agency or specialist who is fully responsible for the preparation and conduct of your wedding. The task of the wedding organizer is to understand what you want to see on your wedding day, to form a picture of your holiday, plan all stages of preparation and proper to hold a celebration.

Wedding organizer knows about weddings everything from the latest fashion trends to the specifications of the necessary equipment. As a rule, the organizer – the creative personality, has a lot of interesting ideas and eager to implement them. But! A good wedding planner will never be offered to you immediately some incredibly creative solutions. Its primary mission is to feel and understand the nature of couples uncover and highlight your individuality to create a special and unique holiday. Therefore, at the beginning of their acquaintance he or she will try to learn more about you, and only then offer a solution, that best suited to your pair.

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At the same time, the wedding planner is a well-organized person. He will paint the whole process step by step, will make all the necessary documentation, to do list, set the dead lines and look after their implementation, schedule an appointment and remind you about them. Be sure that with a good wedding planner enjoyable and memorable will be not only wedding day, but also the process of preparation for it.

Cost of wedding organizer services

Fees of wedding organizer can be calculated as a percentage of the total budget (an average of 10%) or to be fixed (fixed amount, which does not depend on the size of the budget).

Other wedding jobs

Among other wedding event planner jobs it can be lined up:

– The manager – is essentially the same wedding organizer, but in largeк scale of agency. Responsibilities of wedding manager are much wider. He organizes each wish for your wedding, from the development of the concept and style, and ending on control of cleaning the room after the wedding party, if necessary.

– Wedding consultant advises you on all matters relating to your wedding. It will help you to choose exactly what you need.

– Wedding coordinator. The tasks of the wedding coordinator, as the name implies, is to coordinate your wedding. For one to two weeks, or closer to the very triumph, he confirms for you (and not you) all ordered services. Wedding consultant also often serves as a wedding coordinator on the day of the wedding.

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