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Choosing a gift for the wedding – it is responsible thing. As say experts on etiquette, gifts presented to the newlyweds, you signify not only to the future of the family unit, but also demonstrate your own status. And this is very important when you go to the wedding of a little-known person or a business partner. However, to pick up a gift for the wedding to a close friend or favourite relative is not easy task. Birthdays happen every year, the wedding – once in a lifetime, so everyone wants that the gift presented on this auspicious day would be remembered for a lifetime. So the question of unique wedding gift ideas is very important.

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As a rule

As a rule, on the wedding gives interior and all sorts of useful things: crockery, cutlery, paintings, statues, clocks, lamps, linens, carpets, appliances, expensive gifts, furniture, etc.

You can do in such a way, as it is known through many Western European countries and North America – to ask the bride and groom make a list of gifts they would like to get on their wedding day. In Russia, this tradition is only “going” in fashion, but the practicality and convenience of such a procedure is already appreciated by many newlyweds and their friends.

But sometimes you want to present the young couple an unusual and original gift – a surprise, to make sure they will remember it for many years. After all, being original, than to cause delight and surprise honeymoon – this is the happiness that you are able to give love! But where you can find ideas for the unique gifts? We offer you a few more unique gift ideas on the day of the wedding! You just need to choose any idea to realize and present in front of the astonished audience & happy newlyweds!

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Now it is quite easy to find a cheap romantic trip for two people. For example, weekends stay in one of the European cities. You can give this gift along with other guests, or if resources permit, to present it personally. Perfect week-end can be held in such romantic cities as Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Paris, and Prague. Choose one – each of them has its own unusual romantic and picturesque places where you can retire in love and spend unforgettable days honeymoon.

Wedding night in a nice hotel

To spend her wedding night in an unforgettable place dreams any bride. But not every groom would guess to give such a fairytale to her wife! Therefore, if you present a small letter, which carefully laid a card with the address of the hotel and number of a “Just married” suite – the bride and groom will thank you with all my heart.

An invitation on the concert of favourite artist

This service every year it becomes more and more popular. Invitation popular singers and artists will require significant financial cost (an evening spent in the company of the popular favourite, is from 3 to 20 and up thousands of dollars).However, it is possible to invite a festive celebration than “paid”, but equally talented artists, singers, musicians and actors.

Wedding picture

Wedding picture or portrait, especially a picture of the newlyweds, made by a professional artist – will be also the great unique gift idea. Photos and video is a mandatory attribute of each wedding. However, a beautiful picture, made by the wizard, will not only preserve the memory of the wedding, but also serve as an excellent valuable interior decoration in the new house, and will eventually become a family heirloom!

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