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Of course, on every wedding guest are presented. Standard Wedding employs about 30 people, so quite easy to forget about someone of the guests. A person would be offended because of your carelessness. Even the guests can forget partially wedding date. Not to occur such situations were designed diy wedding invitations.

In this review are posted creative and classic diy wedding invitations ideas. But we’ll also give you some tips on choosing and distribution of invitation cards.

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Classic or creative invitation cards?

Classical invitation – is small cards or light pastel colours. It can be shown wedding ring, the bride and groom figurines, and everything that you want. On the inner side, you can see a beautiful ornament. The word invitation you enter personally, and then the invitation is sent in an envelope in the mail. This method is the most common, but lacks originality. Photography of classic wedding invitations

If this is too trivial for you – be fantasy. Very original solution is a box with a button. By clicking on the button of the box pops up any character with a sign in his hand. Written on the label the date, time and place of marriage. The original invitation to remember friends and the wedding will want to go.

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Where to find the right invitation?

Classic invitation you can look them up in any bookstore or supermarket. There are also specialty stores that sell a variety of gifts and souvenirs. But keep in mind that it is not far from every store you can purchase the required number of invitations. Typically, the store has no more than 20 cards of one kind. So you have to run to find the same invitation.

Do not limit yourself to one store stationery. Walk around as much as possible, look at all the options and choose what you like best. In addition to office supply stores have a look at bridal salons. There you will be offered an invitation to original.

If you want to be creative, it is quite possible to make a sketch and order wedding invitations made on it. However, it will be released to you more expensive than buying standard invitations. However, so guests will appreciate your originality and creativity. And the text can also be printed on the invitations already. You just have to enter the desired names.

When to invite guests?

A very important is time to start sending diy invitations. The more friends and family you want to invite, the more you need a substantial period of time to prepare. In addition, some of the guests live in another city or even country. Of course, they will need time to meet and get to you.

You should firstly decide on the list. Then break the list into two groups. One group will consist of the invitations to be sent by mail. The second group, you go and see in person and pass on their own invitations.

Typically, each family will be sent on the same invitation. If at the invitation does not say anything about the children, it means that it is not necessary to take them to the wedding. As a rule, try to send letters, to come, at least one month before the wedding. So at the time will be invited to decide whether they will attend the wedding.

In your diy wedding invitation you should hint to the guests so that they will call you back and voiced his answer. You will need to calculate how much will be the guests to stay in the room, rent a car.

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