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White dress, a veil … And another fifty guests, bride, staircase, decorated with paper hearts and daisies, balls on the machines, the host at the restaurant and lock on a tree or a bridge. All of these decorating ideas for wedding ceremony are, of course, good, and many even like to celebrate a wedding in such a scenario, but some of it is already pretty tired. Want something new, unusual, not as much as everyone else. For those who want to make this special day truly memorable (in a good way), we picked up some interesting wedding ceremony decorations ideas.

outdoor wedding decoration ideas

To start with

First of all you need to understand and accept one idea: the wedding – this is your day. Not Aunt Masha from Saratov not Uncle Vanya from Chelyabinsk and even beloved parents – only your. Ask, what is it all? Because many couples, once saying about the wedding “not like everyone else”, eventually threw this idea pigeonholed just because of the fact that the uncomprehending relatives began to argue: “What say aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters? Think that we have no money for a normal wedding? And what is this nonsense so strange? Well, it’s not, if the wedding – so the wedding all the rules! “And it turns out: the couple wants one, and a family requires different. As a result everyone is enjoyed except the heroes of the occasion. That is why the creative bride and groom standing pre-configure themselves and others to the fact that the wedding should please just for them, and not those who have it only indirectly related.

So, now that you are determined and willing to break the stereotypes that are emerging in our society for a long time, here’s the interesting part – the choice for original wedding scenario and wedding ceremony decoration ideas.

Choosing a bouquet for the bride, pay attention to the ordinary field of daisies – they will be very welcome.

Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Ideas

‘Everyday’ celebration

If luxuriant white dress and black formal suit – it’s not about you, then why not replace the usual wedding attire for something simpler and even daily? A great option is the so-called “denim” celebration: you in a skirt made of denim, groom in jeans, and both in the same white T-shirts. By the way, a few guests – the closest friends and relatives – it is better to ask the same dress “in form.” Believe me, the wedding pictures will turn out funny, touching and bright, especially if a celebration will be held in the summer, when everything will blossom and turn green (in the winter, of course, in such outfits do not have some fun). Choosing a bouquet for the bride, pay attention to the ordinary field of daisies – they will be very welcome. You can still buy a bunch of colourful balloons – they will make the picture more vivid. With regard to the wedding venue – after the registrar’s office go to nature and cook kebabs there. Say that all accepted to do so on the second day? But do not you – it’s all about? And why you need these notorious two days?

Like in the movies

If you are the groom passionately love any movie or TV series, why not arrange a wedding in cine-style? For example, a couple from the English city of Kingsvinford reincarnated in the characters of the famous animated film “Shrek” – “bloodthirsty” ogre and his beloved Fiona (even their bodies are painted in green colour!). And their guests – a “one-legged” pirate, Snow White, spicy, priest and other cartoon characters. Newlyweds – 39-year-old Gibbs and 44-year-old Amanda – asked guests to give them nothing, and list all the money in the fund for the fight against cancer. Imagine the memories will stay with the spouses of this special day! Hence, if you have a similar idea, but it seems absurd, put aside all prejudices and try to make your wedding truly bright. This can not be forgotten.

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