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It is difficult not to agree that guests expect solemn feeding wedding cake with the same thrill and excitement as the arrival of the newlyweds. The role of a wedding cake is undeniably important. This luxurious delicacy is the personification of the sweet life of two people getting married. Because the choice of a wedding cake should be given the same attention like buying a wedding dress or rent a banquet hall.

Looking through the options of cakes on the Internet or in catalogues of modern confectionery, it is very difficult to make a choice. Information sources are full of violent colours, exclusive and original solutions in the design performance. If you do not know how to make a small wedding cake, read below

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Cake with butter cream

Since last year, the list of most trendy wedding cakes was opened by cakes with butter cream. This is a great option for a celebration in 2014. The texture of the cake with butter cream is ideal in that it is suitable for any subject and palette. And the range of wedding cakes with butter cream is very impressive. Especially popular these small elegant wedding cakes with floral and lace decoration.

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Cakes with the effect of “Ombre”

Attractive appearance of wedding cakes with the effect of “Ombre” makes it very popular now. It is one of the trendiest desserts at modern weddings. Wedding cake with colour transition from saturated to a brighter excellent fit into the framework of an elegant celebration. Interesting solution, when the appearance of the cake matches the wedding decor or echoes trim bridesmaid dresses.

The most successfully the effect “Ombre” looks at high-bay cakes. As decorations for cakes, you can use these paste or cream.

Cakes in bright colours

The wedding cake in 2014 should be more than just delicious, but also fascinating. You can use such small wedding cake ideas: focus on the using of a bright glaze, colour putty, colourful ornaments and various “spreading”.

Cakes with large flowers

For wedding cakes in 2014 is characterized by large flowers decor. Fresh flowers are the last deal, which is used for decorating wedding cakes. Without much modesty this dessert can be called a masterpiece of culinary art.

It is best to use flowers with large blooms such as peonies, roses, poppies, dahlias. Small wedding cakes with fresh flowers is very self-sufficient and do not require additional embellishments. Fresh flowers can successfully replace textured flowers that are difficult to distinguish from the real.

Lace decoration cake

Elegant and refined look wedding cakes designed in the form of lace and ruches. Cakes decorated with cream-colored ruffles, are particularly femininity and tenderness. Today there are so many cakes with different technique of lace decor.

Other variants

  1. Cakes coated with “metallic”. Give the treat wedding sparkle and shine; you can use mastic or dyes golden and silver. Cake shades such a luxurious and refined look.
  2. Cakes with geometric elements. One of the latest current trends, which were found in the design of wedding desserts, is geometry. Variety of geometric patterns and ornaments type polka dots, stripes, diamonds, “chevron” – the trend this season.
  3. «Naked cake» or cake with open layers. Under this name hides an unusual outdoor cake, i.e. cake, which is not covered with a cream or paste. They are reminiscent of the “home” home-made cakes. Simplicity in taste and design is the distinctive features of cakes «naked». Exquisite dessert makes use of natural ingredients: whipped cream, fresh berries and fruits. Cake with open layers is the choice of creative couples wanting to make a wedding celebration of individuality and extravagance.
  4. Cakes in eco-style. At the top of the popularity cakes are made according to the laws of eco-style.

Determined by the choice of wedding cake and remember that the first cut piece must be eaten by you together, so that your family life will be very sweet and tasty!

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