Unique wedding reception ideas – locations, on a budget

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Every bride wants to make her wedding a unique one. So there are two unique wedding ideas for reception below.

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Think about

Choosing some wedding ideas, think about:

– What you dreamed about;

– What dreamed about your “Man”;

fall wedding table decorations

– How much money can you “give” on such an event?

– Is it that what you want at all and do you need a wedding?

Wedding in style of a fairy tale “Cinderella”

  1. Pay a visit to a local drama theatre or drama club for all the necessary decorations to create the appropriate atmosphere: look for the throne, the pumpkin carriage, wand, red carpet, etc.
  2. Mandatory for wedding decoration need tiara and glass slipper – the inherent attributes of this remarkable tale.
  3. If possible, make a carriage for the bride (preferably white and horses).
  4. You can use the figure of Cinderella’s Castle (the main symbol of Disneyland) as a figure for a wedding cake. Use for wedding decoration pumpkin.
  5. Ask your DJ periodically perform songs from the fairy tale “Cinderella.” You can also put your wedding dance using the music.
  6. Ask one of your mothers, play the role of good aunt – sorceress which is the climax of the evening will come dressed in appropriate attire, with a magic wand and enchant you for a long and happy life.
  7. Discuss with your major, what other elements of this lovely fairy tales can be included in the program of the wedding night – your unique wedding reception!

Hawaiian wedding

The standard of living in our country, unfortunately, does not allow for everyone to get married in Hawaii. But do not despair; following our advice and fun unique wedding reception ideas, you can organize a lovely and bright Hawaiian-style wedding in our tropical climate. “Hawaiian Wedding” – a very good choice if you want to spend the day in a festive, but it’s also very sincere and warm atmosphere that is free of unnecessary formalism. Decor and accessories for a wedding in this style, it is generally sufficient budget and colourful.

  1. The venue for the reception is better to choose a place in the air with lots of greenery. It may just be a meadow, meadow, lake or river.
  2. Order wedding invitations in an appropriate style. Original wedding idea is to translate the names on the wedding invitations to the Hawaiian language.
  3. Specify in the invitation, in what format will be a celebration, describe the dress code. Tuxedos and evening dresses – not the best option for the Hawaiian style, but the colourful shirts and dresses will give your wedding the desired character. Newlyweds are not only necessarily to be dressed in Hawaiian style – you have to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, the best option would be lighter summer options of wedding dress and suit.
  4. As a wedding decoration, first of all, you should use a variety of floral composition garlands of flowers, wedding wreaths, floral balls, etc. After all, what first comes to mind when you think of Hawaiian holiday – this, of course, flowers! Place of registration should also decorate the bright petals.
  5. Instead of or in addition to the traditional veil bride can decorate the hair or flower wreath. For each guest (or, at least, their parents, bridesmaids and groomsmen) should make flower necklaces. Generally, flower necklace – a good solution to select groups of guests on your holiday. For each group – it’s colour. Ask your master to distribute these garlands guests at the entrance.
  6. Hawaiian music is pleasant and unobtrusive background music during your holiday.
  7. You can borrow a few Hawaiian dishes for your wedding menu.

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