Unique wedding invitation ideas

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Preparing for a wedding usually start with invitations. Guests should receive wedding invitations as early as possible, preferably one month prior to the celebration, to be able to calmly prepare for the festivities.

Invitation-cards can be purchased at bridal salons or ordered from the designer benefit of their choice today is simply huge. But if you want to make guests appreciated your respect and special to them, preserved for years to come the invitation as a memento of your wedding, you have to make sure that the wedding invitation look unusual.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas

How to make a wedding invitation with your own hands

Most extraordinary, unusual, unique wedding invitations are obtained only when they are made with their own hands. And below there are a few ideas for wedding invitations.

Remember how as a child we cut, glued, decorated with holiday cards, take in hand the necessary materials and tools and take to work.

wedding invitations ideas

Vintage wedding invitation with lace and bows

To make such an original vintage wedding invitation, gentle, humble invitation is very simple.

Take a heavy paper and fold it in half. Sheet size; choose according to your taste. Arrange edge of the paper lace (just stick to one another) and a bow. On the inner side of the card write an invitation. “Flavour” of the wedding invitation that colours cards will match with the colour of the wedding dress of the bride.

Wedding Invitations-scrolls

Wedding invitations issued in the form of ancient scrolls or pirated are very popular today. Such wedding invitations ideas also perfectly suited for weddings in fairytale style.

In the manufacture of such invitations most “difficult” to buy suitable pieces of paper and write the text, roll sheet into a tube and tie original ribbon – is not difficult. Look like a very elegant and inviting little business-like.

Wedding invitation in the form of posters

The original style of the invitations will not leave anyone indifferent. Guests will immediately come to your “prime minister.”

Make your own hands a ticket or a poster is very simple. You will need cardboard, photographs and beautiful inscription, which resembles the poster. Inside the envelope must be invested invitation text and driving directions to your “theatre”.

“Tasty” Wedding Invitations

Unique wedding invitation ideas are to get a wedding invitation in the form of tiles “chocolate” or “candy” would be nice to all guests. Make a wrapper for the “chocolate” is possible, using this package, photo of bride and groom, as well as a colour printer.

For such “Sweets” sew bags organza, put them in a beautiful card or stick themselves on a sheet of paper collage of artificial flowers. Type the text of the invitation, roll it into a tube and place on the bottom of the pouch.

Another version of the “candy” wedding invitation ideas can look like in the photo below, and make it even easier than the previous one. Instead, we must take the bags of wrapping paper and make wrappers. Inside “candy” inserts invitation.

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