Special Wedding Cards for the People You Love

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To congratulate a couple on a wedding day is half-affairs. It is necessary to present something. This way, wedding cards can be a remarkable addition to gifts and flowers. They are divided into common greeting wedding cards and envelope cards. Greeting cards can have different sizes. It is possible to present a wedding card of a huge size. But small accurate wedding cards look very pleasant either.

A wedding card is a valuable thing for the people you appreciate, and many of us go to shops, salons, workshops to find a suitable wedding card. The choice is very wide now: from simple and small cards to refined and huge ones.
Most often the preference is given to magnificent greeting cards, the real works of art made by masters of this business. However, it is possible to find a certain dirty trick: despite the talent of the artists, such cards have the similar design.

3D card

If you need something unique then you can try to make a wedding card with your own hands. Such card, will please the newly married and will bring them a set of positive emotions for sure.

How to Begin the Process of Cards Creating?

For a start you need to choose the basis for the future piece of art. Today making cards of dense imprinted paper of white or any other color is especially welcomed. You can get such paper and many other materials for this type of handmade in stationery shops.
Except traditional paper and cardboard for making the postcard you can need various ribbons and laces, paillettes and pastes, beads, dry leaves and petals, colorful threads and bands, glue with spangles and gel pens. Besides, it is possible to use the photo of future spouses if it is available. We can offer you several options.

3D card

A Bouquet Card

For decorating such a greeting card it is possible to use small dried flowers, beautiful blades, petals of roses. Flowers can be fastened with thin color ribbons. Velvet paper, thin felt, lace or the atlas will be suitable for a decorative basis. Ribbons, feathers, straws will be useful for additional decoration.

A Card with a Print and a Relief

How to realize printing on a wedding card you make? You will need any basis for the card, splash paper, dense cardboard, a ball pen without the ink reservoir and mounting tape will also be helpful. Before you begin working, it is necessary to decide how the drawing will look like: rings, flowers, little figures or any love motives are traditionally used by many people. We need to cut out a cardboard pattern for the chosen motive of a stamping. We apply splash paper on the pattern and press delicately, and then we need to delineate the contours with a pen. This way we get a volumetric picture. To finish the wedding card we stick splash paper to the basis with the mounting tape.

3D Card

To understand what a three-dimensional wedding card is, remember children’s books with volumetric pictures. The schemes for making such cards can be found on the thematic sites in the Internet. According to these offered schemes we cut out the pattern and fold it, then paste it to the basis carefully, and the card is ready.
To complete decorating a greeting wedding card it is possible to write some warm wishes to the newly married.

7 Photos of the Special Wedding Cards for the People You Love

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