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Original wedding ideas

So, you were started to prepare a wedding celebration. As a rule, the couple hold traditional scenario “white” wedding. However, if you want to surprise your guests, here are some of original and simple wedding ceremony ideas.
To date, when planning a wedding in the paramount transfer of individual features on the newlyweds wedding decoration, ceremony and celebration of different attributes. Think about: what you most vividly characterize individually and as a couple? It can be: characteristic quality, a certain object, occupation, whatever. Use these features when planning your wedding day.

simple wedding cake ideas

Plan location of your wedding ceremony


If you are not tied to the registrar’s office or your restaurant, you can choose to perform a marriage ceremony such unusual places as simple beach wedding ideas: the shore of the lake (sea) at sunrise, or the roof of the tallest building in your city at sunset.

simple weddings ideas

Original exit of honeymooners


The simple elegant wedding ideas of ​​a wedding can be your gateway to the place of marriage. For example, there are riding on horse, motorcycle or output accompanied by your pets. But do not overdo it. You want to surprise your guests, do not to shock, do you? As background music can be selected is not a classic march by Mendelssohn, and the other, the most suitable to you, music.

Original wedding dress


If you budget allows, we recommend you stock up on not one but two wedding dresses. First, refined and elegant – for registration ceremony, the second, more convenient, for execute the first dance or the entire wedding night.
Color wedding dresses are traditionally chosen light, as it represents the innocence and purity of the bride. But if this is not your style, feel free to append your image in any other color of wedding accessories. You may, of course, yourself a wedding dress to make a different color, but it will be a very bold decision.
Recently gaining popularity the simple wedding dress ideas to complement your wedding dress accessories in the “retro”, borrowed from the mother or grandmother. It is not only original look, but also symbolizes the family’s heritage.

Original stand-up drinks

If you file non-standard guests refreshments to the particular time of year or the venue of the wedding – it will be interesting and memorable wedding solution. For example, home-made lemonade with ice and mint definitely have to taste guests if the wedding ceremony takes place under the scorching summer sun. In the autumn of hot apple cider will be appreciated by your guests. Classic winter drinks – is grog. The same principle can be applied to the main simple weddings ideas dishes.

Wedding Cake

If you want your simple wedding cakes ideas, avoid huge white cake with lots of cream of roses. Try to look fresh look at the idea of ​​a wedding cake, and you’ll get a lot of new options: wedding cakes, shape and figurines reflect the individual characteristics of the newlyweds, homemade apple pie or a huge cheesecake.

This list is endless

The main thing: when looking for unconventional wedding ideas do not be afraid to experiment. Even from the craziest and not suitable for a wedding ideas can always be born something very interesting and original.

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