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Winter wedding decorations ideas on a budget

Wedding season does not end with the year round, but still demand for winter wedding is much lower than the others. In the old days, the traditional time for weddings was winter – considered all the days from Christmas (January 7) and ended with the carnival. Maybe that’s why winter wedding particularly charming and fabulous around stunning winter landscape, endless snow, fluffy hats trees fervent frost … Romantic. Drawing attention […]

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Country wedding ideas – decorations, rustic, chic

Nowadays, it is very fashionable to celebrate the wedding in any style. It attaches to the marriage piquancy, brings him more joy and fun, and most importantly – does the original wedding. One of the options for this holiday is to conduct it in a country style. Last artfully combines the rustic country decor of American roughness and some elements of luxury that allows you to mark the triumph of […]

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Wedding ceremony decorations ideas – pictures, video

White dress, a veil … And another fifty guests, bride, staircase, decorated with paper hearts and daisies, balls on the machines, the host at the restaurant and lock on a tree or a bridge. All of these decorating ideas for wedding ceremony are, of course, good, and many even like to celebrate a wedding in such a scenario, but some of it is already pretty tired. Want something new, unusual, […]

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Wedding theme ideas for summer

The more interesting style of wedding you choose, the more unforgettable it will be. Below you can see many wedding themes for summer, winter, spring and autumn. Themes for wedding Themed weddings are those weddings that are arranged in a single style, in whole or in part follows the story of famous movies (wedding “Prisoner of the Caucasus”, “007”, “Formula of Love”, “Sin City”, “The White Sun of the Desert” […]

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Cheap wedding decoration ideas – how to have, invitations

Are you worried about the cost of wedding and look for ideas that can reduce these costs? If so, here are some ways how to celebrate cheap wedding reception, to help you reduce costs. Wedding as we know it Wedding day – it’s a fun and the happiest day of a person’s life. Preparing for a wedding takes time and effort. But since the average cost of a wedding today […]

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Budget wedding ideas – outdoor, unique, fall

Of course, the fee for the day of your dreams can be prohibitive. But there is an incredible bride, who came to this question is very creative. As a result, you have a few simple wedding on a budget ideas to save it or make your wedding lusher. Just a few adjustments – and your wedding budget is bursting at the seams. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start […]

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Wedding diy invitation ideas

Of course, on every wedding guest are presented. Standard Wedding employs about 30 people, so quite easy to forget about someone of the guests. A person would be offended because of your carelessness. Even the guests can forget partially wedding date. Not to occur such situations were designed diy wedding invitations. In this review are posted creative and classic diy wedding invitations ideas. But we’ll also give you some tips […]

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Fall wedding decoration ideas – photo, video

Autumn is perhaps the most romantic time for weddings – favourite one of romantics and poets! There is something deep and reverent in it. And there are a lot of great fall wedding decoration ideas! Month by month In early September, it becomes cooler than in August, but still green and warm. Wedding in September may no different from a wedding in the summer; the concept can be completely diverse. […]

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Unique wedding reception ideas – locations, on a budget

Every bride wants to make her wedding a unique one. So there are two unique wedding ideas for reception below. Think about Choosing some wedding ideas, think about: – What you dreamed about; – What dreamed about your “Man”; – How much money can you “give” on such an event? – Is it that what you want at all and do you need a wedding? Wedding in style of a […]

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Wedding favor ideas – cheap, personalized

No money for the big celebration? In this article we will talk about what is an economical wedding and how to conduct it, what cheap wedding favours ideas can be used. Wedding together Do you need guests to mention the creation of a new family? Elegant dress, bridal bouquet, wedding photographer and a romantic dinner together – that’s all. On the one hand, make your wedding solemn, and on the […]

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Wedding reception decoration ideas

Nowadays themed weddings are not uncommon. Indeed, your wedding day – it’s the whole story. A story should have a plot. The style and theme of the wedding day should reflect and accommodate the wishes of both newlyweds. Of course, to a large extent, themes of the holiday are determined by your wedding budget and the ability to devote sufficient time to preparation. We want to offer you a few […]

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How to plan a wedding budget

Wedding planning on a budget should be calculated in advance, before the ceremonial event to avoid unpleasant surprises. More convenient is to make a complete list of what you will produce costs. Opposite every thing you can write the approximate cost. If you are not sure how much that will cost, better rounded up. In any case, after the preparation of such a list, you need to set aside some […]