wedding planners checklist

Wedding party planner checklist – free printable

So here comes a defining moment in the wedding preparations, and you think that you have everything in order. But “seems” is far from “sure.” So look at this wedding planner checklist with SOS-tips and reminders to make sure that really EVERYTHING is ready! Part one Confirm arrangements with all who you have hired (drivers, the host, DJ, photographer, videographer) and make sure that they all have the exact data, […]

beach themed gifts

Beach theme wedding ideas – party, gifts

If you plan to organize your wedding in the summer, one of the most wonderful ideas will be a beach theme wedding. And it does not necessarily to be the shore of the Atlantic or the Indian Ocean. Even the local creek or pond in the country will help to create a romantic atmosphere. Firstly, on the shore is not as hot water. Secondly so nice to stay in tight […]

unique wedding invitation ideas

Unique wedding invitation ideas

Preparing for a wedding usually start with invitations. Guests should receive wedding invitations as early as possible, preferably one month prior to the celebration, to be able to calmly prepare for the festivities. Invitation-cards can be purchased at bridal salons or ordered from the designer benefit of their choice today is simply huge. But if you want to make guests appreciated your respect and special to them, preserved for years […]

25 year wedding anniversary ideas

25th wedding anniversary ideas – gift ideas, photo

How much for the silver jubilee of the family means living together – silver wedding! Quarter of a century spent together people who love each other, talk about the strength of their feelings, complete unity and mutual understanding, care and respect. Family during play new shades – shades of silver …In this auspicious day is required to arrange a celebration, a wedding again! At the table will gather the same […]

Bridal Shower Ideas

Wedding shower ideas – party, baby, unique

Who among us does not know these lines from a popular song of Muslim Magomaev: “Ah, the wedding, wedding, wedding sang and danced …”! Do you want to at your wedding all sang louder and danced even more fun?! Then we invite you to carefully read our article about the unusual ideas for the wedding, which we are sure you will be sure to come in handy! 6 steps to […]

how to make a small wedding cake

Wedding photo ideas – fun, party, photo

Bride and groom – two people who have their own “but” their understanding of the pale, their “skeletons in the closet” and traits, which they still do not know, because it has not yet reached the wedding photo shoot. And with the advent of the photographer much is changing dramatically. These can be used like fun ideas for weddings shoots! So, the bride, that the passion for love to be […]

ceremony ideas for wedding

Outdoor wedding decorations ideas – pictures

Organizing of a wedding in the summer – a real gift to the newlyweds, as it the summer can offer a lot of opportunities of organization of the celebration, including a possibility, as a wedding banquet in nature. Fresh air, saturated shades of green plants, the warm sun and bright colours, it’s all so tempting to you, the wedding took place in the countryside. Yes, of course, as an option, […]

fun wedding photo ideas

Small ceremony wedding ideas – unique, photo

Perfect wedding is for every one different: for some it is a big celebration and a variety of guests, someone like romantic seclusion with his half on distant shores, and some prefer the warm atmosphere of a family holiday in the range of only the relatives and friends. A small and cosy wedding is not only significantly reduce the financial costs, but also give you the opportunity to experience the […]

black and white room decorations

Wedding cake ideas – small, cake designs, elegant

It is difficult not to agree that guests expect solemn feeding wedding cake with the same thrill and excitement as the arrival of the newlyweds. The role of a wedding cake is undeniably important. This luxurious delicacy is the personification of the sweet life of two people getting married. Because the choice of a wedding cake should be given the same attention like buying a wedding dress or rent a […]

Beach Wedding Reception Ideas

Black and white wedding ideas – party decorations, table, room

You have not yet decided what in colour will be your wedding? You’d like brightness, but not in the spirit of “pluck the eyes.” Do you want clarity and brevity, but without a touch of stiffness? Would you like to surprise your guests? If all of the above statements coincide with your wishes on “how must look your wedding” – choose black and white wedding decorations. Meaning of black and […]


Wedding centerpieces ideas – on a budget, low

How to organize a festival on its own? Or maybe it’s the responsible thing to provide professionals? Do not rush to answer. So, you entrusted the organization of corporate events (most often the organization requests the Secretary, assistant manager or manager of Human Resources).Usually, the preparation of a corporate holiday out 10-14 days (for New Year must be at least three weeks). Do not forget, the more orders, the harder […]

winter wedding decoration ideas

Wedding gift ideas – unique, shower

Choosing a gift for the wedding – it is responsible thing. As say experts on etiquette, gifts presented to the newlyweds, you signify not only to the future of the family unit, but also demonstrate your own status. And this is very important when you go to the wedding of a little-known person or a business partner. However, to pick up a gift for the wedding to a close friend […]