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Organizing of a wedding in the summer – a real gift to the newlyweds, as it the summer can offer a lot of opportunities of organization of the celebration, including a possibility, as a wedding banquet in nature. Fresh air, saturated shades of green plants, the warm sun and bright colours, it’s all so tempting to you, the wedding took place in the countryside.

Yes, of course, as an option, the summer warm weather you can sit in a cool restaurant where the air-conditioned. But no, even the most modern air conditioning (split system) can not be compared with the cool summer breeze, with the spaciousness and fresh air. But the question is: how to hold a wedding in nature and what are outdoor wedding decoration ideas? Option two: the first – to do everything on their own, the second – to entrust a special agency, whose staff know exactly how to organize a wedding in nature, including the design of a wedding in nature, service and so on.

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The “pluses”

What are the pros that have a wedding banquet in nature? Firstly, Are you sure you can be sure that your wedding will be the original, and certainly different from all the others. Young and opens the possibility to organize a wedding with a noble carriage, horses, footmen, coachman – just like in a fairy tale. Come up with similar ideas can be set. Arrange all the same in the city will be quite problematic.

Generally, organizing a wedding in nature with all these wedding decorations ideas for outdoor weddings is good because there is where to turn, there is scope for action. Little nuance, which is important to consider: space is, of course, great, but it’s better when the area is still somehow guarded and limited, that there was no likelihood that your holiday will come uninvited and unexpected guests. In short, the rest should be safe.

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Another advantage wedding in nature is no limitation of time and the absence of hourly fees for renting the banquet hall. If guests really enjoyed it and the triumph was delayed, there is no need to pay extra for rent, which, incidentally, is quite expensive. Only have to pay for the work of the chefs (if required) waiters and master (Master of ceremonies).

Important points

  1. At the wedding in nature, consider all to the smallest detail, and the day before the wedding, and even on their wedding day, to remind all, even the smallest of moments, the people responsible for them, usually by people appointed by the witnesses, bridesmaids and friends relatives of the bride and groom. If holding a wedding in nature rests on the shoulders of festive agency, you will be much easier;
  2. To prepare for the wedding to nature in the suburbs or some else needed in advance, two months, or even earlier.

What is important to consider for a wedding “on nature”

  • Transport to the venue of the wedding in both directions. Select Bus roomy and comfortable, preferably with air conditioning. Teach each guest; make the most optimal route of the bus. Of course, it is important to check with each guest’s address, where he will need to take. If guests live in the opposite of the different area sit will be reasonable to order a few small buses (by area).
  • Choosing a toastmaster for weddings outdoors, verify that it has the musical equipment and stipulate the question of how it is, as well as directly toastmaster will get to the place of celebration (on the transport, or you will have to take care of this).
  • You’ve probably already realized that the tables of guests can not be accommodated in the open air and the roof over your head should be, and you can use awnings, tents or canopies (to protect guests from the heat or rain), the formulation of which should be a wedding, otherwise your wedding will be no different from the usual summer party at a cafe in the tents. Stylish design canopy will give your wedding a certain charm. You can decorate with garlands of coloured lights, balloons in the shape of a heart, or some other, ribbons and so on.
  • Furniture can be a good quality, there is plastic, but qualitatively decorated. Think about the time of delivery of furniture, although, of course, companies that provides furniture for such outreach to fend for its delivery to the venue.
  • And most importantly, make sure that they will eat and drink, guests, who will all cook and serve them. Fortunately, in recent years, is actively developing a service called Catering, which means, in essence, a restaurant in the countryside. By ordering this service in any restaurant, you get the same food and the same level of service as if you were organizing a wedding at this restaurant, but no longer have to pay for the rent of the hall of the restaurant.
  • Do not forget to negotiate with the master of ceremonies of the question, we need to be scene. Any chance it will be extremely necessary, you have to take care about this issue.

On the one hand, it might seem that the organization of outdoor wedding decorations is very difficult and it takes about six months of training, but if trust it to the agency it will not particularly difficult, you will realize that the implementation of any of your dream can be real, it is only must be wanted!

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