Kim Kardhasian Wedding Ring as One of Most Expensive Rings

Kim Kardhasian married with Kanye West and held the ceremony in Florence, May 24th and after their European honeymoon, Kim showed her wedding ring with her hip hop rapper superstar husband. Kim Kardhasian wedding ring was given to her by her husband Kanye West in the really private wedding, still their popularity as the A listed celebrities makes the whole world want to know what exactly the look of their wedding rings is.

Kim Kardhasian wedding ring is designed by Lorraine Schwartz, as the A listed jewelry designer who is always used its skills on designing the top celebrities of Hollywood. She knows what design that will please Kim and Kanye because Lorraine is one of Kim’s friends so she knows what kind of ring that Kim will love. Kim Kardhasian wedding ring details are not really clear actually, but it seems that the ring is indeed expensive and still stands out with the diamonds.

kim kardashian kanye wedding ring

Many said that Kim Kardhasian wedding ring is absolutely pricey. With Kim Kardhasian engagement ring with 15 carat diamond ring, D flawless cushion cut as the perfect diamond designed by Lorraine Schwartz for sure is indeed expensive. The band is a handmade band which is actually more meaningful and even many said that the wedding ring is not as much as expensive like the engagement rings; still her wedding ring is still one of the most valuable rings among celebrities.

Kim Kardhasian wedding ring is beautiful and simple, it is matched with her husband ring, and even Kanye West preferred the gold wedding ring instead of silver diamond which is worn by Kim Kardhasian. Still, their rings are matches and suited one to another, hope that Kim love story will end happily after her divorce with her ex husband, Humphries with their 2 months short marriage, 72 days.

kim kardashian kanye west wedding ring

11 Photos of the Kim Kardhasian Wedding Ring as One of Most Expensive Rings

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