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Here are a few important things that are worth paying attention to. And then the process of planning the wedding will go like clockwork. Thus, the question of how to start wedding planning is not so simple!

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The guests

Thoughts jumping from one person to another: no one to miss, no one to forget. In this case, on the one hand tells the groom, on the other – your parents, with a third – his parents. Yeah, it’s a process, and the truth is not simple.

Here are a few important things that are worth paying attention to. And then the process of planning the wedding will go like clockwork.

At first, starting a wedding planning business, it is important to understand what format of the celebration you have chosen. If it is a wedding with a tight circle of closest guest – means the format should be respected by all – and by you and by the parents.

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If the number of guests has already gone beyond the “circle of the closest” – then it is not to worry about. Plus or minus a few people will not play a special role.

Do not let the “older generation”

Wedding – a family holiday, so of course, parents want to invite someone from your family and friends. It is important that this does not become a holiday just of the older generation, where your main task – to “sit.” This can not be tolerated. Even if the guest list is mostly the older generation, was not forbidden to invite their close friends, so you and they will be fun.

When to start planning a wedding, give to each parent an order to make a list of guests they want to see and deliver it to you in time. I warn you at once – every will immediately delay the deadlines for at least in a week. You must be ready for this, when voiced by all the “final” date of delivery lists. When all the lists are with you, prescribe them all into a single list and check that everyone had the right contains the names.

It is also important to pay attention to how you and your loved ones, applying to each guest. After that it was time to order invitations. Be sure to book them there, where they make personalized treatment. Writing the names manually is the last century. You give the governor of printing wedding list in excel and it gives you a ready-signed invitation. Be sure to order further 10-15 pacifiers. At the last minute you will certainly remember someone whom previously was forgotten.


“Right” sitting place for everyone

After this milestone comes no less important one: whom and with whom to seat down the tables. It is important to bear in mind that people have to sit together with the same interests and the degree of familiarity. Yet banquet – it’s a big part of the wedding and the people should be comfortable and fun together.


Thinking on the guest list, I want to draw your attention to an important point. Guests – this is one of the important factors that will affect on the whole atmosphere of the holiday. The more different and less familiar people are with each other, the harder it will be to create a relaxed atmosphere. If people are from different social and age categories, their expectations of the holiday are different too. Then it is important to make holiday interesting to everyone. And this is not an easy task. Sometimes it might be better to do 2 weddings – one for youth, another – for relatives? It is also a good idea!

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