How to plan a wedding budget

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Wedding planning on a budget should be calculated in advance, before the ceremonial event to avoid unpleasant surprises. More convenient is to make a complete list of what you will produce costs. Opposite every thing you can write the approximate cost. If you are not sure how much that will cost, better rounded up. In any case, after the preparation of such a list, you need to set aside some money for unforeseen expenses.

In order to organize the wedding as much as you want it, we offer you some tips on how to plan a wedding on a budget.

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Initial and final budget wedding

The amount you want to spend on your wedding, you can save up, putting a little every month, receive from your parents as a wedding gift or take out a loan. In any case, the budget will be any frame. Within these limits, and restrict them.

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Next choose 3-4 items most important to you, for example, the bride and groom outfits, the wedding procession and a banquet. Next to each of these points indicate how much you are willing to spend on the most important thing for you. In our opinion, do not skimp on the photography, the quality of products, and the choice of Toastmasters or agency organizing events.


On what you can save

Sometimes it happens that you offer any wedding service, which is not scheduled in your wedding budget, but would love to get. In this case, you can save money on something else. For example, the main vehicle of the wedding entourage can decorate agency and accompanying cars you dress up on your own. Another saving option: order other salads for a banquet, a bit cheaper than the selected first, but just as tasty. Some of the items in your list can be deleted entirely: jewellery for the bride to buy in other store, towel – borrow from friends. The main thing making a budget plan – do not skimp on quality.


Time and place for a wedding

Wedding budget is largely dependent on the season and venue. In the wedding industry, the most popular is considered the summer, followed by late spring and golden autumn, and “dirty” and the cold seasons are hardly busy. In these inactive months you can expect big discounts in the shops or a suitable package of services in a wedding agency at low prices. Besides changing assortment of dresses for the wedding will allow you to get the perfect dress collection of last year to 50-70% cheaper than usual.

However, winter wedding has its disadvantages – expensive flowers, fruits and vegetables, we have to additionally purchase warm accessories for the bride, the walk should be reduced so as not to freeze as newlyweds and guests. As for the place of celebration – here the situation is much more serious. It is hard to find cafes or restaurants now in which you will find at the same time the appropriate interior, the excellent cuisine, and reasonable prices.


And my cousin had roses….

Natural desire during the budget planning of the wedding budget for young people is becoming an example of the recent celebration of friends, relatives or acquaintances. Someone released doves, others ordered the orchestra, and others organized fireworks. You do not necessarily do the same. Let your wedding will be unlike all previous – it really make if a little stretch your imagination or use the services of a wedding agency. Organizer will tell you some great and unique wedding scenarios that are sure to appeal to you heart.

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