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Organisation of the weddings has its own rules and passes by a certain algorithm. Free printable wedding checklist is divided into several stages with a clear hierarchy of tasks.

On this page we describe the free wedding planning checklist. But depending on the size of the wedding party, they are subject to change.

How to Start Planning a Destination

First step in the wedding’s planning

  • Affirm the wedding date, determine the maximum budget, prepare a preliminary guest list and select witnesses.
  • Hold meetings with the florist, decorator and writer.
  • Draw up a preliminary scheme of seating guests at the tables. This will help when choosing the right banquet hall. Making the choice of wedding dresses for bride, groom and their witnesses.
  • Choosing a wedding location – a place for the wedding party and the ceremony, the church for the wedding (if necessary) and the registrar for the official ceremony of marriage.
  • Choosing of the guides of a banquet and ceremony. Hold meetings with everyone candidates.
  • Organize wedding photo and video. Coordinate photo and videographers. Affirm the shooting date Love Story.

Second step in the wedding’s planning

– Submit an application to the registrar and choose wedding rings. Buy the necessary accessories for the wedding.

when to start planning a wedding

– Hold meetings with the florist, decorator and writer. Obtain a presentation of floral design, creating the concept of your wedding.

– Coordinate space and shooting style Love Story.

– Getting choice of wedding invitation printing with the order. Write the text, claim individual layout and get in 5 days ready masterpieces.

– Working on filling of the show program of your holiday: consider artists of different genres and select a music band.

– Organize a romantic and memorable honeymoon. Choose a place for honeymoon, book flights, affirm excursion, book hotels around the route and start visas.

Third step in the wedding’s planning

  1. Choosing of a place for morning duties bride and groom, hotel for the wedding night, and if necessary, a hotel for foreign guests.
  2. Looking for a venue for hen and stag.
  3. Making of the wedding route survey and order paid locations.
  4. Draw up and agree a menu for a banquet and an aperitif.
  5. Continue rehearsal wedding dance.
  6. Choosing a wedding cake and loaf. Taste the possible toppings.

Forth step in the wedding’s planning

  • Prepare the final lists to plan seating guests and affirm models of the printing elements in the banquet hall – seating plan, the number plates on the tables, banquet cards, candy boxes, boxes for a loaf, and gifts for guests mat. Book is also a folder for the certificate, the guest book and a box for the money.
  • Correct the wedding dresses.
  • Compose and coordinate the timing of a professional free printable checklist.
  • Spend a bachelorette party and bachelor party.

As you can see, having painted this very time-consuming process, we get a detailed training plan for the wedding, the drafting of which requires experience, expertise, time and effort.

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