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Nowadays, it is very fashionable to celebrate the wedding in any style. It attaches to the marriage piquancy, brings him more joy and fun, and most importantly – does the original wedding.

One of the options for this holiday is to conduct it in a country style. Last artfully combines the rustic country decor of American roughness and some elements of luxury that allows you to mark the triumph of the Summit.

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Invitation of the guests

Wedding invitations should be decorated in black and white. They can be executed, for example, as newspaper clippings. Add originality to use for these purposes matte paper. As country wedding decoration ideas, you can use rhinestones or lace paper.

At the invitation be sure to specify the style of the wedding guests, and suggest possible options for the dress code for the occasion.

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To celebrate this event is the best in the restaurant, which is located in the lap of nature. Of course, the interior of this establishment must be made in the American country-style: the presence of wooden furniture stands in the spirit of classic taverns, a small stage, and the like.

You can also hire a tourist base, asking its employees to design the interior space of the building in an appropriate style.

Well, if it is possible to make a horse a horse ride or take a ride on a stagecoach drawn by two-three horses.

The most budget option – it is a wedding reception in the village or on their own summer cottage. In this case, engage decor bride and groom have their own, but they will be able to show family and friends the fruits of their own labours.


Country style, including country wedding décor, involves the use of traditional dress outfits residents of southern and western United States (where, in fact, he was born).

Corset wasted jean jacket, long skirt decorated with fringe, brown gloves, hat, leather shoes or fancy cowboy boots – that’s the bride’s dress in the style of country music.

Of course, the traditional white dress is also quite appropriate. It must be sewn from natural fabrics (linen, cotton) and have a modest finish. Head in such a case it is better to cover the veil or cap understated rim, decorated with flowers (daisies, roses, cornflowers).

As for the groom, he fit plaid shirt, blue jeans and a vest of the same material, cowboy hat and boots. Blue neckerchief completes the image. If a man is drawn to the classic wedding attire should be worn white pants and shirt, as well as sand-coloured jacket.

Guests can dress up in farmers and cowboys. Straw Hat is a perfect complement of women’s clothing. Men’s better to give preference to the felt. Leather pants, boots with spurs, sundresses with not bright colourings – all appropriate in a country décor and style.

By the way, its distinctive feature is that both clothing and interior decor can be varied. The main thing is do not overdo it with the items and pick up all harmoniously.


The room must be wooden benches, barrels, a linen tablecloth, and floral arrangements of wildflowers in conventional banks. Contrast to this can act graceful bows, decorating furniture, white lace napkins on the tables, crystal pendants, and silver candlesticks.

Welcomed is the presence of the compositions of dried plants. If the celebration is taking place on the street, then as the chairs you can use straw bales covered with a white cloth.

Wedding arch should be decorated with the white lace, floral arrangements and crystal country decorations. To this is possible to lay a track of sand colour, decorated with fine lace on the sides. For this “path” to the place the couple will exchange rings and pronouncing the solemn vows of love and fidelity to each other.


In the menu of country wedding should prevail the meat cooked on fire (shish kebabs, steaks, sausages, chicken wings, and so on. N.). Garnish to it should apply vegetables, grilled, and French fries. Will be superfluous and salads Mexican cuisine.

This richly flavoured with a variety of edibles spicy sauces. Of course, not all the guests will be delighted with that turn into fire-breathing dragons, and someone and stomach can not sustain. In this connection should be provided on the table and the presence of neutral dishes. Wedding cake should be luxurious and consist of several layers. To the table should be on a tray, bordered by wildflowers. This dessert is necessary to decorate ornate roses from molasses, icing, sprinkles, and so on. D. At the very top you can set figurines depicting the bride and groom in cowboy attire. Traditional alcoholic beverages at a wedding organized in country style – a whiskey and tequila with lime.

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