table name cards

The Creative Ways in Wedding Table Cards

The table cards are used to guide the guests in finding their seat with classy and stylish way to design it. It will make the comfortable one for the guests to get their seat well without making the confusion to choose the right one. The wedding table cards must be designed well and manage the seating arrangement for the wedding. The cards can direct the guests to their tables. You […]

spring wedding

The Spring Weddings Theme

It is undeniably that spring is a very popular actual time for wedding so as a matter of fact you can find so many ideas for spring weddings that you can use at anytime of the wedding. The main reason that people believe in making the spring is a popular time and theme for a wedding is it symbolizes a new beginning. Spring is the beginning of a whole new […]

flowers for wedding tables

Beautiful Wedding Table Flowers Arrangements

The arrangement of wedding table flowers could definitely enhance the beauty of the entire wedding theme. There are so many possibilities regarding the flowers that are going to be sued and also the way to arrange the flowers itself. Different flowers and arrangements could provide a different accent into the overall wedding theme. For a refreshing spring accented wedding table flowers you can look for soft blooms. Consider using clay […]

dessert table ideas for wedding

The Creative Ways in Wedding Dessert Table

The dessert is the important menu to put in the wedding. It is usually designed as creative as possible to create the wedding dessert. The wedding dessert table needs to be decorated well. You have to get the best planning in making the table in order to be more stylish design. The dessert will make the guests satisfy to taste it even more if it is designed well can add […]

wedding head table seating

The Table Arrangement Setting in Wedding Head Table

The head table will be called the top table where it is the long seat with one side. You can use the wedding head table to make the party look so great choice. The head table is designed to complete the wedding party. The head table is sat by the braid and groom in the middle, then the bride‚Äôs father, the groom mothers and best man to the left side […]

celtic wedding rings women

The Celtic Wedding Rings for Friendship, Love and Loyalty Symbol

Buying wedding rings need some considerations. What do you want to show from your wedding rings? It will affect wedding ring types that you will select. Celtic wedding rings from Irish contain symbolism from the designs. It is designed in the same three elements. Those elements are two hands, heart, and crown over the heart. If you like to wear it as your wedding ring, you should know Celtic wedding […]

candy for wedding candy bar

Wedding Candy Table for Dessert

Wedding candy table is the type of table that is not very popular for people. Not many people are using this table for their wedding. Most of people simply use the main course table as well as the dessert table. However, if you want to have something special for your wedding and to add more decoration, this table will be perfect for your usage and function, and here is the […]

25 year wedding anniversary

25th wedding anniversary ideas – gift ideas, photo

How much for the silver jubilee of the family means living together – silver wedding! Quarter of a century spent together people who love each other, talk about the strength of their feelings, complete unity and mutual understanding, care and respect. Family during play new shades – shades of silver …In this auspicious day is required to arrange a celebration, a wedding again! At the table will gather the same […]