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Gold Wedding Shoes

Wedding day is a very special day for any couple, and loving people always try to find something special. We suppose, golden shoes will become the element you need. They will highlight the beauty and the unique style of the bride. Golden color has also been considered the symbol of luxury and richness. If you choose such shoes you look even more gorgeous. Besides, this color combines with white dress […]

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Selecting the Kate Spade Wedding Shoes

The kate spade wedding shoes become more popular for its best look and elegant style. If you are searching for the best wedding shoes for the wedding party, going to the shoes shop will be the great solution. But it should be remembered that the budget which you will spend for the good shoes should be limited. That is why you need to arrange all things in the good preparation […]

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Fall wedding decoration ideas – photo, video

Autumn is perhaps the most romantic time for weddings – favourite one of romantics and poets! There is something deep and reverent in it. And there are a lot of great fall wedding decoration ideas! Month by month In early September, it becomes cooler than in August, but still green and warm. Wedding in September may no different from a wedding in the summer; the concept can be completely diverse. […]

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The Fantastic Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

Designing the table decoration will be the best one to get the wonderful decoration in the wedding celebration. All should be prepared well to get the best things for the bride in holding the wedding. The wedding is identical with arranging everything like furniture, decoration in the stage and much more. Actually, in designing the wedding table decoration ideas will be more perfect one to make the beautiful appearance in […]

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Outdoor wedding decorations ideas – pictures

Organizing of a wedding in the summer – a real gift to the newlyweds, as it the summer can offer a lot of opportunities of organization of the celebration, including a possibility, as a wedding banquet in nature. Fresh air, saturated shades of green plants, the warm sun and bright colours, it’s all so tempting to you, the wedding took place in the countryside. Yes, of course, as an option, […]

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Selecting the Khloe Kardashian Wedding Ring

Before taking the Khloe Kardashian wedding ring as your great thing in your finger, the fitting section should be done. It is aimed at making the ring is in the right size for the finger. Of course the fitting section is done in the jewelers. The shop keeper in the jewelers will guide you to do the fitting section. So, you don’t have to worry about that. The size of […]

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Wedding party planner checklist – free printable

So here comes a defining moment in the wedding preparations, and you think that you have everything in order. But “seems” is far from “sure.” So look at this wedding planner checklist with SOS-tips and reminders to make sure that really EVERYTHING is ready! Part one Confirm arrangements with all who you have hired (drivers, the host, DJ, photographer, videographer) and make sure that they all have the exact data, […]