free wedding planner checklist

Wedding party planner checklist – free printable

So here comes a defining moment in the wedding preparations, and you think that you have everything in order. But “seems” is far from “sure.” So look at this wedding planner checklist with SOS-tips and reminders to make sure that really EVERYTHING is ready! Part one Confirm arrangements with all who you have hired (drivers, the host, DJ, photographer, videographer) and make sure that they all have the exact data, […]

table settings for weddings

Wedding table settings ideas – photo gallary, video

The best ideasfor decoratingyourwedding table With a little imaginationandquite a bitof money -and yourwedding tablewill be a realmasterpiece ofart design. There are some wedding table setting ideas for inspiration. More color for your wedding table If youmake up your mindto move awayfrom the traditionalwhite andpastelpalette, which is usually decorate wedding table settings, the color itselfcan be a greatdecoration.Do not be afraidto mixeven suchself-sufficientcolors like pink, purple and turquoise, adding to […]

Loras Blog Fall Wedding Ideas

Unique wedding reception ideas – locations, on a budget

Every bride wants to make her wedding a unique one. So there are two unique wedding ideas for reception below. Think about Choosing some wedding ideas, think about: – What you dreamed about; – What dreamed about your “Man”; – How much money can you “give” on such an event? – Is it that what you want at all and do you need a wedding? Wedding in style of a […]

affordable diamond wedding rings

Diamond Wedding Rings in Good Shape

The diamond wedding rings will be the great thing on your finger if the design is well created. Of course the jewelers will offer the diamond ring in the excellent price. For getting the specific information about the price, you may see the online stores which display the wedding ring with the price. Then, making comparison to one ring with the other rings will be the challenging job because you […]

rose gold wedding ring sets

The Sweet Pink Rose Gold Wedding Rings

Many women usually love pink color. Do you really like it? The sweet pink rose gold wedding rings open the chances for you to realize your favorite color for the wedding ring. It will be rather different from the other wedding rings. The most common wedding ring is gold or silver which comes from the yellow gold and white gold. Now, you can realize your dream to have sweet pink […]

25 year wedding anniversary

25th wedding anniversary ideas – gift ideas, photo

How much for the silver jubilee of the family means living together – silver wedding! Quarter of a century spent together people who love each other, talk about the strength of their feelings, complete unity and mutual understanding, care and respect. Family during play new shades – shades of silver …In this auspicious day is required to arrange a celebration, a wedding again! At the table will gather the same […]

spring wedding

The Spring Weddings Theme

It is undeniably that spring is a very popular actual time for wedding so as a matter of fact you can find so many ideas for spring weddings that you can use at anytime of the wedding. The main reason that people believe in making the spring is a popular time and theme for a wedding is it symbolizes a new beginning. Spring is the beginning of a whole new […]

Very Cheap Wedding Invitations

Fall wedding decoration ideas – photo, video

Autumn is perhaps the most romantic time for weddings – favourite one of romantics and poets! There is something deep and reverent in it. And there are a lot of great fall wedding decoration ideas! Month by month In early September, it becomes cooler than in August, but still green and warm. Wedding in September may no different from a wedding in the summer; the concept can be completely diverse. […]