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Of course, the fee for the day of your dreams can be prohibitive. But there is an incredible bride, who came to this question is very creative. As a result, you have a few simple wedding on a budget ideas to save it or make your wedding lusher. Just a few adjustments – and your wedding budget is bursting at the seams. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start planning the wedding of your dreams!

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Invite a friend to perform the ceremony

Do you want to make an exit the wedding ceremony? Then you can save on the drive, as is possible to invite a close friend. Believe me, there will always be people among your friends, which is not only good to hold this ceremony, but will do it better than others. Because hardly any of the first encountered professionals will know you better than a close friend. This means that he will be able to hold a unique ceremony created especially for you, and not a pattern. And all the rough edges smooth out and trepidation feature of marriage, conducted by a close friend. Remember even as Joey Trivianni performed the ceremony for Monica and Chandler. Despite all the difficulties, it was really touching.

Make wedding with improvised means

Whatever you wedding theme is chosen, you can always use the means at hand, or those elements of decor, that is you or your friends in a particular amount. For example, you decide to make the wedding in a nautical theme, and you have a home (with friends) there is a sufficient number of various shells, picture frames, lamps, figurines of ships, etc. All of this could and should be used in the design of the wedding. Furthermore, all this will save you a considerable amount of money and make your wedding truly unique and unrepeatable. Even if you do not plan to make a thematic wedding, it is still possible to decorate a wedding with improvised means. For example, collecting the bottles and cans of different shapes and then use them as a vase. It is suitable for anyone even the most traditional wedding. Another option – use potted plants! This is especially true if you or someone from your relatives – an avid flower girl. As wedding food ideas on a budget you can use simple “fast food” and play it up like modern style.

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Don’t be afraid to break tradition

Every citizen of our country is very deep in his head stuck the idea that the bride must always be in a long, lush and white dress. It’s really cool, if you do really want to! But the cost of wedding dresses starts at 2000 UAH. And, depending on the quality brand, fabrics, etc. reaches about 25,000 USD and even 50,000 USD. What if you give preference to another – non-bridal wedding dress? It will also be a stunning, beautiful and unique. Just because it is not the label “wedding”, you’re able to save a decent amount. In this case, you will not look good, believe me! As an alternative, you’re having a fairly modest budget for a wedding dress; you can buy better and more “cool” dress, if it would not be called a wedding.

Hire a wedding assistant

Yes, you will pay the extra money on a professional, but it will help you pick the best offers, which ultimately will save you a substantial amount for. In addition, there is a significant plus – you also save time! A true professional in their field to help resolve any issue, direct your energy in the right direction, and finance – in the right direction.

Don’t forget also about the well-known ways to save money. For example, to select the correct date, cut to maximum the guest list, to do some things by own hands, etc. You can also get acquainted with the strategies of savings in preparation for the wedding, using your own unique wedding ideas on a budget. One can only wish reasonable economy and a wonderful wedding!

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