Black and white wedding ideas – party decorations, table, room

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You have not yet decided what in colour will be your wedding? You’d like brightness, but not in the spirit of “pluck the eyes.” Do you want clarity and brevity, but without a touch of stiffness? Would you like to surprise your guests? If all of the above statements coincide with your wishes on “how must look your wedding” – choose black and white wedding decorations.

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Meaning of black and white

An elegant combination of black and white has long attracted fans. Combining contrasting black and white form you get a completed harmony and unity. Remember the famous symbol “Yin-Yan”. Black and white wedding decor – is like the same kind of harmonious marriage in which the husband and wife complement each other.

Wedding dresses for black and white wedding

Black and white wedding gamma gives the opportunity to experiment with the wedding dresses. Complex cut dresses, deliberately emphasize the contrast colour. You can try to shock the audience in black wedding dress, supplementing it with crisp white accessories. And, of course, there is a risk to look mournful and gloomy. Place a bet on a white background and black accents. The dress can be as lush, with lots of frills and ruches and minimalistic sleeve in the spirit of the inimitable Audrey Hepburn.

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Appropriate for black-and-white wedding will be a good old classic, which itself fits into this monochrome “cocktail”: pure white dress of the bride and groom a dark suit. By the way, the bridegroom, suit can not be black. Black hair and brown-haired can safely choose a white suit, but black accents put down jacket, cravat, cufflinks, and shoes.

Flowers for wedding

We all know that black colours in nature. If you still find – make sure that you hold in your hands is not a lifeless, long withered bud. And what about the famous black roses of Gothic novels and films? Reveal the secret: it’s all the skilled hands of professionals who give the colours a special composition proper shade. And it is worth to them to ask for help in the creation of unusual and unreal black and white bride’s bouquet. If those counties in surrounding are not observed, simplify your life: white roses tied with black satin ribbon will look no less luxurious.

Decoration in black and white

Black and white party decorations can be used in a large percentage, the only rule – not smaller. This means if you select print of tablecloth in black and white checks, then it must be a full-fledged large cell, and not small checked, from which five minutes will be dazzled. The same rule you can use in the design of the banquet hall. If the picture – it is large and clear, if the pattern is elegant and not around the perimeter. White candles, vases transparent black glass, vintage pictures, decorated with a large and beautiful collage. Nobody forbids adding monochrome solo bright third colour and in such a way to dilute black and white table decorations.

Wedding accessories for black and white wedding

Accessories – it is, by definition, something not a lot of – detail accent. Of course, invitations, candy boxes, photographs and collages – all this off is not reset and actively use. You can also use in your black and white wedding ceremony the projector and the screen on which you can show guests black-and-white films about love, and perhaps your own love-story, made in accordance scheme.

And, yes, do not forget about another big and sweet accessory – a wedding cake. Here, as in the case of clothes, you should make it white. Black cake may create the impression o a funeral one.

Black and white decorations are a great idea for wedding. This contrasting pair is ideal for both long and carefully planned reconciling celebrations, and for spontaneous, invented for one evening.

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