Beyonce Wedding Ring: Lavish but Not Long Lasting

As the top, first class singer, Beyonce’s life seems so perfect with her marriage with Jay Z in April 4th 2008. This superpower couple in the music industry, who their names are well known all over the world of course that they will use their wealth and richness to gain the happiest and best ring for their weddings and for that, this super famous couple renewed their wedding vows in their fourth wedding anniversary in April 4th, 2012. Still, Beyonce wedding ring is indeed luxurious and undeniable lavish, because at that time they got new gold wedding vows from Jacob and Co. Jewelry.

Beyonce wedding ring price is about $ 5M, from this extravagant price, sure that Jay knows how to please Beyonce. Since Beyonce wedding ring is indeed one of the most expensive wedding ring among other celebrities like Paris Hilton and Jennifer Lopez, with the beautiful 18 carat flawless diamond which is designed by Lorraine Schwartz. Well, no wonder that the price is really expensive, like what it was expected from the popular singer.

beyonce wedding dress

Beyonce wedding ring is the symbol of Jay Z love to Beyonce, with the presence of Blue Ivy, as the result of their marriage makes this couple is honored as the fine and happy family. Moreover, with Beyonce wedding ring tattoo which is placed in her third finger in left hand makes their wedding looks will last long. The symbol of ‘IV’ in Beyonce’s hand is the pledge between her and her husband.

But, the unpleasant issue about their divorce emerged because the ‘cheating’ gossip of Beyonce with her own bodyguard named Julius De Boer. This issue is not really clear actually, but it is unfortunate for seeing something pitiful which what happened to their marriage. It looks like Beyonce wedding ring seems to fade away, along with their marriage.

beyonce wedding ring

9 Photos of the Beyonce Wedding Ring: Lavish but Not Long Lasting

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