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Modern wedding it is already not only a simple family celebration – sometimes the holiday turns into a real theatrical or held for hundreds of invited guests. And it is only seems that the main thing – to book restaurants, think about the menu and send out invitations. In fact, there are needed to be addressed more questions. But do you can find time for them all? Of course, you can always drop more original script or hire fewer relatives. But is it worth to change your dreams and perform the wedding on a trivial scenario? You just can to entrust the care of the organization of the celebration to wedding guide!

wedding planners checklist

What is it a wedding planner?

Did you know that such a profession as a wedding planner has arisen in XIX-XX centuries? Today, these experts are trained in many schools. Most wedding organizers are graduates of faculties of direction or management.

What is the responsibility of wedding planner? First of all, its main task is to completely control the process of preparation for the celebration. You can safely entrust to the wedding planner searching of vehicles and drivers for the wedding entourage, the restaurant for a banquet, a stylist, hairdresser and make-up for young people. An experienced specialist spread the cards with the names of the guests on the tables, picks the music for the wedding dance, decorates the hall, and organizes timely delivery of the bouquet. And what will do you? Of course, will choose the dress, rest and prepare for the best day of your life!

wedding planner checklist

Whether you need a wedding planner?

It is logical that the wedding plan guide – a specialist who helps the couple to settle all matters relating to the celebration. Of course, its services are not cheap, and this fact often leads to the fact that the bride and groom begin to think: maybe try to prepare for the wedding by yourself and save money? Let’s try to imagine that you will need to get done in various scenarios of the wedding – it will help you understand how wedding planner is needed.

So, suppose you want to get married in the church. In the first place, you will have to consider at the expense of the certificate of baptism, rice, confetti, bridesmaids, witnesses, music, and wardrobe. Today, weddings are often held in the European style, the bride and groom perform the dance, read the oath – all require rehearsal. It should also be pre-“book” time for wedding, hire trucks to transport guests to the restaurant. More trouble waits you if you are planning a wedding on the original script. To solve such problems, you will need more than one day, so why not entrust the job to the organizer of weddings?

How to work with the organizer of weddings

It is advisable to meet with the wedding planner for about 2-3 weeks before the celebration (dates may vary depending on the style of the holiday, the number of guests, time of year, your requests, etc.). Make a list of orders together and plan the event, specifying all the questions that interest you.

Because, at first glance, wedding guides profession seems very easy, to try them in this area want too many people who sometimes do not possess not only the necessary knowledge, but also can not communicate well, which is so important in the organization of the festival. Result – the spoiled wedding, frustrated newlyweds and wasted money. Therefore, to avoid such situations, choosing the wedding planner, consider its availability of professional experience, manner of communication (quiet, friendly) and positive feedback from satisfied customers (they can be found on the Internet).

Be sure that the correct choice of wedding planning guide will give the confidence that your celebration will be held perfectly – as you dreamed!

Best wedding planning guide –┬ávideo

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