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If you plan to organize your wedding in the summer, one of the most wonderful ideas will be a beach theme wedding. And it does not necessarily to be the shore of the Atlantic or the Indian Ocean. Even the local creek or pond in the country will help to create a romantic atmosphere.

Firstly, on the shore is not as hot water. Secondly so nice to stay in tight shoes and wander through the water, ensure that such fun cheer even the most conservative guests and they certainly wake small children. Well, the older guests can enjoy beautiful nature, sitting in the shade and sipping refreshing cocktails. In order to organize a beach wedding you need to follow a few beach theme party ideas.

Beach Wedding Theme Ideas

Make an advance place

After choosing the place, do not put it on the book later. Picturesque banks “fly out” in the summer season like hotcakes. Of course, it is better if this will be closed territory or guarded complex where you will not interfere with outsiders, but noisy student party can be completely hold on the public beach, or on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov. In this case, it makes sense to gather in the late afternoon, when sunbathing less and sun will stain your wedding ceremony and wedding photography in the warm, soft and romantic hues.

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Use items to create a festive atmosphere

Lighted candles, messages in bottles, shells, decorating banquet table, waving in the wind belt or white curtains – these all are good beach theme wedding ideas. For the number of seats would be the best foldaway light wooden furniture, complemented by soft pillows. Of course, to bring to the wedding venue the whole props it is very difficult, but doable. Use the services of wedding coordinators, decorators or appoint this mission on the responsible friends.

Specify the dress code

Be sure to warn guests in its invitation to the format of the celebration. And the hint that the hugely expensive Italian shoes, as well as designer clothes are better left at home. The best choice for a beach themed wedding is dresses in bright light for ladies and light cotton trousers for men. Such clothing does not restrict movement, quick-drying in the sun, made of natural materials, it will allow the skin to breathe and will not hamper the movements during active play. Maybe, some of the guests even dare to take a swimsuit.

Games and Contests

About things to do for a beach wedding should take care in advance. Regardless of the format of the event, the game can be both the most childish and beach (shooting water guns, Frisbee) and calmer (watching a romantic movie on the projector by candlelight all company guests). In any case, it is necessary to prepare the original competitions and tasks in one way or another connected with the shore and pond.

And finally, prepare a substantial supply of water during the day and mosquito repellent in the evening. Nothing can ruin a beach wedding as the absence of cool drinking water on a hot day, or the invasion of mosquitoes, unfortunately living in our latitudes.

Now that you know about the main stumbling block, so organize a beach wedding would be a lot easier. Do not deny that the wedding itself is quite troublesome event a wedding in the beach theme – a triple, but the result will be worth all your efforts. You will get a great atmosphere, great photos, and your guests will remember your wonderful wedding as a trip to the sea.

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