25th wedding anniversary ideas – gift ideas, photo

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How much for the silver jubilee of the family means living together – silver wedding! Quarter of a century spent together people who love each other, talk about the strength of their feelings, complete unity and mutual understanding, care and respect. Family during play new shades – shades of silver …In this auspicious day is required to arrange a celebration, a wedding again! At the table will gather the same visitors as the quarter of a century ago.

Of course, much has changed: the couple and their friends and relatives have become wiser and more experienced, and at the banquet table, new family members – children and maybe even grandchildren!

25 wedding anniversary party ideas

How to prepare for and celebrate the silver wedding for 25 years?

To the silver wedding, as well as to the traditional, you need to start preparing in advance. To start, make a list of all the guests. Try to invite all those who were at the ceremony quarter of a century ago. Most close and dear people have to share with you the happiness!

Of course, you need to take care of the restaurant in advance to book a banquet hall for a specific date and time. As with any wedding, anniversary celebration is complete without a toastmaster. Together with the presenter write a script holiday, arrange in advance with the master of ceremonies for the evening’s program and competitions that will be of interest to you and your guests. “Bride” you need to find a dress in silvery tones. If she can still put on a wedding dress, and it is well preserved, it will be the best one!

25 wedding anniversary ideas

Hairdressers also now on the picture can recreate a wedding hairstyle. What will be the surprise of the guests, and her husband, when they see the beautiful wife of the same, what it was twenty five years ago!

Funny scenarios for a silver wedding anniversary

This solemn event, like a silver wedding anniversary, Of course there are many 25 wedding anniversary ideas of celebration, but no matter what version you are staying, the main motive – the motive of memories and a reference to the past.

Wedding in style of an old movie

The walls of the banquet hall can be decorated with enlarged photos of the most important events in the history of the family: the day of the wedding, the honeymoon, the birth of children, joint travel, and holidays with the whole family – we can recall many pleasant light moments! Photos can be styled with retro style; it will give a special charm to the holiday…

Pompous and solemn ceremony

The celebrating of 25 year wedding anniversary can turn into a real ball! Spouses in this day should celebrate as the prince and princess. Especially women like this option, because each wants to be at least one day of the queen at the ball, like Cinderella.

Back to School

For those who want to triumph happened in the first place, cheerful and positive, it can be carried out in the form of tests to obtain a silver certificate in the skill of family life.

The couple will have to pass tests on a variety of subjects. In the end, it turns out, well if a husband and wife know each other. Questions can be very diverse. Cribs and tips guests are not allowed!

25 wedding anniversary – it’s a great time to family life, when youth is still close to her doorstep! .. Think with your loved one all the way that went together. Set an example to your children, how to love, care for, appreciate, respect and understanding!

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